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room thirteen (8/13)

from: http://www.roomthirteen.com/cgi-bin/cd_view.cgi?CDID=8794

History of Guns is not the type of band you are able to focus and place into one genre of music. They styles included within the two tracks on this double A Side release range from the manic depressed progressive rock that smothers ‘Empty Eyes’ to the electronica and industrial side of ‘But I’ll be Waiting’.

Being the first release to come from their new album you would have expected something a little more warming, and not so aggressive. ‘Empty Eyes’ is quite frankly freaky, “she’s got empty eyes, yeah she’s got empty eyes’ screeches through the dirty, rugged, satanic and very angry grunge vocals with the music rippling through a guitar riff to keep the beat going. The beat is pretty similar or ‘But I’ll Be Waiting,’ but with a more electric chaos focus with added sound effects with a dance beat. On both tracks, you are flooded with images of a satanic statute, maybe someone standing in red shouting and screeching along.

Depressed much? You will be once these tracks are over.

Track Listing
01 - Empty Eyes
02 - ...But I'll Be Waiting

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Del writes:
"Cry like a dog fish for dinner no cat will laught at no ones dinner .fell for the first drunk vrssel to bersk. spell like a child were nothing is hid run with you so nothing is hid,cold told on violance step on dream ridicule on silance nothing to breatrh"

del says

del says:

"I am history been to hell cryed like a child and i no nothing all these things i do is to undersand all of you"

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